Friday, October 30, 2009

A Show In Honor of My Spontaneously Combusted Car: Cars and Fire


I feel I owe everyone an explanation for my absence last week. After leaving the Troubadour and walking to where my car had been parked, I discovered it was missing. I called the police, only to find it had been towed because it was a "traffic hazard". I figured they towed me for being too far from the curb (which I wasn't and proceeded to tell them). It was then brought to my attention that perhaps it was too close to a hydrant, there had been a car fire and if I blocked the path to the hydrant I would have been towed. Considering my car was at a meter, it seemed that if I was too close to a meter it was the fault of the city for putting the meter too close to the hydrant. However, with a bit more research into the actual situation, it was discovered that it was my car that had been on fire...which I had to concede, was a traffic hazard deserving of being towed (I might not be so willing to roll over on this had my insurance company not covered the tow).

Here's where it gets even crazier, apparently, the guy who called 911 is friends with my friend Matt. I had told Matt about my car and a day or two later his friend calls him and tells him about this crazy car fire he saw and even took pictures of. This is how I am able to include the above photo of my car on fire. Insanity!

So, today, in honor of my former car the theme of this show is Cars and Fire.

But first, New Adds:

Jay Reatard - There Is No Sun * (in honor of the brown clouds that infest our skies and lungs as the mountains to the east are consumed)
Yacht - Don't Fight The Darkness *
Rainbow Arabia - Harlem Sunrise *
Foot Village - Raggae Warzone *
Health - Die Slow *
The Polyamorous Affair - Satellite of Love *
Success Planetaire International - 100% Hello *
The Vampires of Dartmoore - Ende Eines Killers (Killer's End) *
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Kertesz *
The Cinematic Orchestra - The Awakening of A Woman *
Jaw Harp Orchestra - Soft Metal Tongue *
Warpaint - Elephants *
The Black Drumset - A Dangerous Drive *
Cale Parks - Eyes Won't Shut *
Steve Shiffman - Everyone's Getting Married * (In highest honor to one of my very best friends, Ryan Lee Crosby who married his lady, Nicoline on Sunday) *
Ryan Lee Crosby - Nicoline *

And now - onto the theme: CARS AND FIRES
Harry Nillson - Jump into the Fire
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
Liars - Mr. Your on Fire Mr.
Beck - Rental Car
Atilla The Stockbroker - Burn it Down +
Request By Art Guy in Boston check out his website and radio show here
Les Rallizes Denudes - Ice Fire
Ween - Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire +
Didn't catch the name of the guy who requested this one. Let me know and I'll correct this.
Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln +
Request by my father
Chuck Berry - Maybellene
The 13th floor elevators - fire engine
Serge Gainsbourg - Ford Mustang
The Gun Club - Fire Spirit
Big Black - Kerosine +
Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island Burn
Lightning Bolt - On Fire
The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin Camaro +
Request by...Damn it, don't have their name either!
The Trashmen - My Woodie
Serge Gainsbourg - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car
Animal Collective - Two Corvettes +
Request By Riley
Randy Newman - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc
Spiritualized - Soul On Fire
Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire
The Normal - Warm Leatherette +
Request By Lisa
ESG - Parking Lot Blues
Silver Daggers - Burn The World
Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face On Fire +
Request By Niesha
El-P - Delorean
Arthur Brown - Fire +
Request By John
Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time +
Request By Julian
Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Fear Factory feat. Gary Numan - Cars (remix) +
Okay, here is a good way to slip in this request for Gary Numan's Cars by Vince
T. Rex - Cadillac
Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang
Mitch Rider and The Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take A Ride
Spoon - Take A Walk
Harry Nilsson - Driving Along
Big Star - Big Black Car

* New Add
+ Request

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