Friday, October 30, 2009

Cash Money!

So next week is KXLU's Fundrazor.  I hope you like me talking, because we have four hours of it coming.  In the meantime, I offer as a warmup to the what promises to be the lovechild of a Jerry Lewis Telethon and a the riots at Attica, an entire episode dedicated to money.  Hope you enjoy!

But first,

New Adds
Jay Reatard - I'm Watching You *
Vialka - 100% Hello *
Desolation Wilderness - Boardwalk Theme *
The Dry Spells - Black Is The Color *
Bill Frisell - Little Girl *
Steve Shiffman - Ready For You Now *
The Nocturns - Curran *
Gobble Gobble - Misericordia *
At - For a Long Way Through *
Warpaint - Stars *
Looping Jaw Harp Orchestra -  Elephant Road *
A Hawk and A Hacksaw - Kertesz *
Foot Village - Take *
Health - Before Tigers *
Cale Parks - Running Family *


Patty Smith – Free Money
Mission of Burma – Fame and Fortune Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
The Vindictives - Money Changes Everything (Cyndi Lauper Cover)
The Boys - No Money
The Slits - Spend Spend Spend
The Sonics - Money
Big Black - Bad Penny
Primal Scream - Blood Money
Little Richard - Money Honey
The 3rd Generation Band - Because Of Money (Band is from Ghana 1973!)
Eric B. & Rakim - Paid In Full
Beat Kondukta (Madlib) - Get Dollaz (Dilla Tribute)
Madvillian - Money Folder
Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M. +
Request By Erica
Bessy Smith - Money Blues
The Beatles - You Never Give Me Your Money
Radiohead - Dollars and Cents
Suicide - Fast Money Music
Gang Gang Dance - God's Money IX
Talking Heads - Love For Sale
David Bowie - Red Money
Deerhoof - Blue Cash
Minor Threat - Cashing In
Fugazi - Cashout
Morphine - Murder For The Money
Blur - The Debt Collector
Gram Parsons - $1,000 Wedding
Califone - Million Dollar Funeral
Weem's String Band - Greenback Dollar
Swan Lake - Spanish Gold, 2044
Woody Guthrie - Do-Re-Mi +
Request by Juan
Modest Mouse - Bankrupt on Selling
Kingston Trio - M.T.A.
Throbbing Gristle - Ten Pence
Beck - Get Real Paid
Ween - Help Me Scrape The Mucas Off My Brain +
Request by Sam
Causey Way - Money + (Now Playing)
Request By Lysistcata
Winehead Willie & Sweet Lucy Brown - The Last Of The Big Time Spenders Pt. 1

A Show In Honor of My Spontaneously Combusted Car: Cars and Fire


I feel I owe everyone an explanation for my absence last week. After leaving the Troubadour and walking to where my car had been parked, I discovered it was missing. I called the police, only to find it had been towed because it was a "traffic hazard". I figured they towed me for being too far from the curb (which I wasn't and proceeded to tell them). It was then brought to my attention that perhaps it was too close to a hydrant, there had been a car fire and if I blocked the path to the hydrant I would have been towed. Considering my car was at a meter, it seemed that if I was too close to a meter it was the fault of the city for putting the meter too close to the hydrant. However, with a bit more research into the actual situation, it was discovered that it was my car that had been on fire...which I had to concede, was a traffic hazard deserving of being towed (I might not be so willing to roll over on this had my insurance company not covered the tow).

Here's where it gets even crazier, apparently, the guy who called 911 is friends with my friend Matt. I had told Matt about my car and a day or two later his friend calls him and tells him about this crazy car fire he saw and even took pictures of. This is how I am able to include the above photo of my car on fire. Insanity!

So, today, in honor of my former car the theme of this show is Cars and Fire.

But first, New Adds:

Jay Reatard - There Is No Sun * (in honor of the brown clouds that infest our skies and lungs as the mountains to the east are consumed)
Yacht - Don't Fight The Darkness *
Rainbow Arabia - Harlem Sunrise *
Foot Village - Raggae Warzone *
Health - Die Slow *
The Polyamorous Affair - Satellite of Love *
Success Planetaire International - 100% Hello *
The Vampires of Dartmoore - Ende Eines Killers (Killer's End) *
A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Kertesz *
The Cinematic Orchestra - The Awakening of A Woman *
Jaw Harp Orchestra - Soft Metal Tongue *
Warpaint - Elephants *
The Black Drumset - A Dangerous Drive *
Cale Parks - Eyes Won't Shut *
Steve Shiffman - Everyone's Getting Married * (In highest honor to one of my very best friends, Ryan Lee Crosby who married his lady, Nicoline on Sunday) *
Ryan Lee Crosby - Nicoline *

And now - onto the theme: CARS AND FIRES
Harry Nillson - Jump into the Fire
Brian Eno - Baby's On Fire
Liars - Mr. Your on Fire Mr.
Beck - Rental Car
Atilla The Stockbroker - Burn it Down +
Request By Art Guy in Boston check out his website and radio show here
Les Rallizes Denudes - Ice Fire
Ween - Cover It With Gas And Set It On Fire +
Didn't catch the name of the guy who requested this one. Let me know and I'll correct this.
Commander Cody - Hot Rod Lincoln +
Request by my father
Chuck Berry - Maybellene
The 13th floor elevators - fire engine
Serge Gainsbourg - Ford Mustang
The Gun Club - Fire Spirit
Big Black - Kerosine +
Blood Brothers - Burn Piano Island Burn
Lightning Bolt - On Fire
The Dead Milkmen - Bitchin Camaro +
Request by...Damn it, don't have their name either!
The Trashmen - My Woodie
Serge Gainsbourg - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
David Bowie - Always Crashing In The Same Car
Animal Collective - Two Corvettes +
Request By Riley
Randy Newman - Let's Burn Down The Cornfield
Leonard Cohen - Joan of Arc
Spiritualized - Soul On Fire
Wolf Parade - This Heart's On Fire
The Normal - Warm Leatherette +
Request By Lisa
ESG - Parking Lot Blues
Silver Daggers - Burn The World
Blood Brothers - Set Fire To The Face On Fire +
Request By Niesha
El-P - Delorean
Arthur Brown - Fire +
Request By John
Johnny Cash - One Piece At A Time +
Request By Julian
Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon - Let's Go Burn Ole Nashville Down
Iggy Pop - The Passenger
Fear Factory feat. Gary Numan - Cars (remix) +
Okay, here is a good way to slip in this request for Gary Numan's Cars by Vince
T. Rex - Cadillac
Kraftwerk - Morgenspaziergang
Mitch Rider and The Detroit Wheels - Jenny Take A Ride
Spoon - Take A Walk
Harry Nilsson - Driving Along
Big Star - Big Black Car

* New Add
+ Request

This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us...And It Ain't Me Who'se Gonna Leave

Good morning.  Today, I have a very special guest.  I often reference him on the show, largely because we share a music pool that gets taken to the station and made into my show each week.  Danny Gabai is my best friend, DJ partner, roommate and after buying a new house in Silverlake, he is soon to be my landlord.

Despite the fact that we are best friends, an important dynamic of our relationship is that on a cosmic level, we are attempting to destroy each other.  Frankly, we are only as close as we are because our antlers are locked.

This week, Danny is on staycation (recessions provide such catchy terms) and announced that he was available to come on the show.  We decided to celebrate us in the only way we know how...battle to the death.  This week's theme is songs challenging a showdown, songs about battles, songs about each other and songs about fighting words in general. 

Check out Danny's blog HERE.  It will blow your mind, I promise.

Here are the songs:

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For Both Of Us

Josh Set 1
Pink Floyd - One Of These Days
Joy Division - The Kill
Ariel Pink - Bloody (Bagonias)
The Pixies - There Goes My Gun

Elvis Costello - wave a
white flag

Danny Set 1
The Soft Boys - I Wanna Destroy You
Bonnie Prince Billy - Beware Your Only Friend
The Beach Boys - Heroes and Villains 
Boris - My Neighbor Satan
Lou Reed - Vicious

Josh Set 2

Louis Jordan - You Run Your Mouth And I'll Run My Business Brother
Louis Armstrong - (I'll be glad when you're dead) You Rascal, You
Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk
Richard Swift - The Bully
The Avalanches - Frontier Psychiatry 

Danny Set 2
Prince - Strange Relationship
Quasimoto - Put A Curse On You
Pavement - The Hex
Joe Strummer - Love Kills
Nick Cave - Death Is Not The End

Josh Set 3

Dead Kennedys - Let's Lynch the Landlord
Liars - If You're a Wizard Then Why Do You Wear Glasses
Friends Forever - Carnisaur Vs. Unicorn
Lightning Bolt - Duel In Deep
Harry Nilsson/Van Dyke Parks - It's Not Easy Being Me

Danny Set 3

Rolling Stones - Street Fighting Man
Gill Scott Heron - Home Is Where The Hatred Is
Minutemen - Storm In My House
New Order - Leave Me Alone
Harvey Milk - One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong

Pitchfork - Burn Pigs Burn +
Played by Naheed who donated tickets to Modest Mouse/Night Marchers

Josh Set 4

Aesop Rock - Abandon All Hope
Cannibal Ox - Tippin Dominoes
Company Flow - Definitive
Mad Villian - Raid
Deltron 3030 - Battlesong

Danny Set 4

The Homosexuals - Hearts In Exile
Husker Du - Chartered Trips
Japandroids - The Boys Are Leaving Town
No Age - My Life's Alright Without You
Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free

Josh Set 5

Stone Roses - Shoot You Down
The Pretty Things - Death
Madlib (Beat Konducta) - The Rumble
Prince Buster - Hard Man Fe Dead
Islands - Pieces Of You

Danny Set 5

King Geedorah - Fazers
The Beatles - Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Woody Allen - Bullet in my Breast Pocket
Grizzly Bear - Knife
The Flaming Lips - The Gash
Guided By Voices - Smothered In Hugs

Josh Set 6

Stiff Little Fingers - I Don't Like You
Night Sun - Plastic Shotgun

Bodies Of Water And Those Who Choose To Cross Them

Today's theme is all about the oceans, seas, rivers and lake that cover our planet and the intrepid souls who navigate their expanses for adventure, pillage, escape and trade.

First thing is first, though it has been a while since I have played the station's new adds (let's face it, I have had a lot of ground to cover over the last few shows).  Here are some new adds for this week...then onto the theme.  Enjoy:

New Adds

Dama Dam Masi Qalandar - M. Ashraf *
The Black Drumset - 3 and 33rd *
Church - Crab Magic *
Yacht - I'm In Love With A Ripper *
Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono *
Maher Shalal Hash Baz - Untitled *
Warpaint - Stars *
Mount Eerie - The Hidden Stone *
These Are Powers - Silver Lung *
Ganglians - Lost Words *
Gobble Gobble - Mountain of Flesh *
Health - Death+ *
Sunn O))) - Big Church *
The Polyamorous Affair - Satellite of Love *
DM Stith - Around The Lion Legs *

Bodies Of Water And Those Who Chose To Cross Them
Neil Young - Cortez The Killer +
Request By Mike Berlin and Jason Smith (requested separately...two minds one heart)
Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea +
Request By Hanna
Charles Trenet - La Mer
Deerhoof - Odyssey
Brian Eno - By This River
David Byrne/Brian Eno - The River
Asobi Seksu - Red Sea
Future Islands - Beach Foam
Pixies - Wave of Mutilation
Baby Gramps - Old Man of The Sea
Tom Waits - Singapore
Randy Newman - Sail Away
Ralph Stanley - Lonesome River
Harry Nilsson/Van Dyke Parks - I Yam What I Yam (Popeye The Sailor)
Harry Nilsson/John Lennon - Many Rivers To Cross
Liars - Sailing To Byzantium
Silver Jews - Trains Across The Sea +
Request By Nick
The Velvet Underground - Ocean
Wooden Shjips - Down By The Sea
Comets On Fire - Whiskey River
The Waterboys - Fisherman's Blues +
XTC - Statue +
Request By Alexis
Jaybird Coleman - I'm Gonna Cross The River Of Jordan - Some O' These Days
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead - Inland S ea

The Decemberists - The Mariners Revenge Song +
Request By Albert
Becky Stark - Ocean and Ground (Live on KXLU.  For full audio of the interview and more songs click here) (For the LA Weekly Article on The LA Women's Choir click here
Joanna Newsom - Bridges and Balloons
Built To Spill - Cortez The Killer +
Requested by lots of people that I play both this and the Neil Young version

* New Add
+ Request (except the Health song, which actually has the "+" in its title)

Krautrock or Kosmische Musik?

(Songs from the playlist are in pink)

This Episode is dedicated to German rock music from the years spanning roughly from 1968 – 1977.  By connecting each song to the next through shared musicians, studio staff or narrative I hope to paint a broader picture of the music movement labeled by the British music press, pejoratively, as Krautrock. It must be noted that many, if not most, of the bands involved in the ‘Krautrock’ scene despise the term.  Out of respect for the musicians, beyond a catchy blog title that is easily found on Google (its like that!), I will refrain from using this term to describe the movement, instead using the term coined by Tangerine Dream, Kosmische Musik.

In order to understand why the German scene was so unique to the rest of the world, it is important to identify where it had grown from.  The prolific composer, Karheinz Stockhausen was, along with such visionaries as Varese, Berio, Pousseur (a personal favorite) and especially Boulez, a definitive contributor to the ‘Darmstadt School’.  Like Krautrock, the term ‘Darmstadt School’ was a derisive invention by its critics but is now used affectionately by some of its admirers.  The ‘Darmstadt School’ is a reference to the Internationale Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik, Darmstadt.  The Ferienkurse (Summer course) was an annual (it is now every two years) summer school which presents the premier composers of “New Music”, a specific term for post 1945 serial composition.  A great deal of the pieces composed as part of the ‘Darmstadt School’ were either organically rooted Musique Concrete or fell under the category Elektronische Musik, utilizing the new invention of synthesizers.  Stockhausen’s early masterpiece, Gesang der Junglinge, became one of the first works to successfully merge both approaches.

Listening to this piece one notices the meticulous composition of what might seem like noise to some.  There is a sense of minimalism as well as a machine-like precision that would become staple sounds of Kosmische Musik.  In 1968, two of Stockhausen’s students, Holger Czukay and Irmin Schmidt would form the band Can.  It is with this in mind that I begin this show with two pieces.  First, Karlheinz Stockhausen’s seminal work, “Gesang der Jünglinge”.  This is followed by Can’s “Sing Swan Song”.  It seems that even the water recording that opens “Sing Swan Song” sounds a bit like the synthesized notes of “Gesang der Junglinge”, yet the organic sound would be more aptly described as Musique Concrete: almost a mergence of Elektronische and Musique Concrete in and of itself.  Radiohead has often cited Can as an enormous inspiration and “Sing Swan Song” illuminates just how indebted they truly are.

1) Karlheinz Stockhausen - Gesang der Jünglinge
2) Can – Swing Swan Song

Fast forward to 1975, Can’s album Landed introduced Olaf Kubler as a member, which brings us to our transition.  On one of Popol Vuh’s most highly regarded albums, Einsjäger & Siebenjäger, Olaf Kubler is again featured on flute on the song Würfelspiel.  Kubler, however is most famous for his band, Amon Duul II.

Popol Vuh are responsible for one of the most important contributions to German rock music, the introduction of the moog synthesizer.  Founding member Florian Fricke was among the first musicians in all of Germany to own the Moog synthesizer.  While Walter Carlos’ (Soon to be Wendy Carlos) Switched on Bach was the first album to popularize the Moog synth, Popol Vuh’s Affenstunde was the first Moog album to feature original works.  Popol Vuh’s music is especially well known as the soundtracks for Werner Herzog’s Aguirre: The Wrath of God and Fitzcarraldo.

The name Popol Vuh comes from an ancient Mayan text containing mythological narratives and the story of creation. Fricke was quoted as saying, "When I read the book for the first time, I got ideas all of a sudden by which I was able to define other old books. I found a key in the book of ‘Popol Vuh.' I was able to understand the way people in the very early days described the creation of Earth and the way of human evolution. I was touched like by a thunderstorm."  This quote seems particularly apt to describe the song Vuh from the album In Den Garten Pharaos.

Finally, the band that has acted as our transition, Amon Duul II.  Amon Düül was a German political art commune formed out of the student movement of the 1960s.  Civil unrest had swept youth culture across Europe in 1968, most notably resulting in the riots in France. Amon Düül was the German counterpart to this political angst.  The commune became known for its free form musical improvisations. Out of this reputation came two groups, Amon Düül (sometimes known as Amon Düül I) and the more famous Amon Düül II.  Another link between Amon Düül II and Popol Vuh is that after the death of Amon Düül II's drummer Peter Leopold in 2006, he was replaced by Popol Vuh’s Daniel Fichelscher who had played on and off with Amon Düül II as far back as 1972.

3) Popol Vuh -  Wurfelspiel
4) Popol Vuh – Vuh
5) Amon Duul II – Wolf City

Looking further at 1968, the two most important events in the foundation of Kosmische Musik took place: The German Rock Festival in Essen and the foundation of the Zodiak Free Arts Lab.  The Zodiak Free Arts Lab, or "Zodiak Club" was only open for a few months but proved the birthing ground for Kosmische Musik.  The venue’s importance is immediately evident by the names of the founders.  The club was started in what was then West Berlin by German artists/musicians Conrad Schnitzler, Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Boris Schaak.  Performances at the club were advertised by fliers promoting, simply; “Noise”.  Anyone was welcome to create sound.  Musicians would work together having never met before.  Often two bands would play at the same time, playing against each other.  The prevailing attitude at Zodiak was that "songs were considered bourgeois."  It was here that Conrad Schnitzler, who had also studied with Stockhausen, first began working with Klause Schulze and Edgar Froes founding the band Tangerine Dream when they were actually cool.  Possibly even more importantly, Schnitzler and Roedelius would begin sound and musical experimentation along side Dieter Moebius under the name Kluster.  It was after the departure of Conrad Schnitzler in 1971 that Kluster changed their name to Cluster.

Another band founded by Schnitzler was Eruption featuring musicians whom he had played with at the Zodiak Free Arts Lab.  Eruption featured Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, and Hartmut Enke, who would go on to form the trio Ash Ra Tempel, Dieter Serfas of the jazz band Embryo, Michael Gunther and Lutz Ulbrich of Agitation Free, and members of Amon Düül.  Unfortunately, I do not have any music by Eruption to play.

I do, however have plenty of music by the group that formed out of Eruption, Ash Ra Tempel. Interesting sidenote: Acid Mothers Temple (prominently featured in my show about music from Japan) named themselves in reference to Ash Ra Tempel.

Walter Wegmuller is not a musician, per se.  He is more of a spiritualist, obsessed with the Tarot (and friends with H.R. Giger, who’s phallic poster got the Dead Kennedys in trouble with Tipper Gore over the Frankenchrist album).  Wegmuller’s friend Timothy Leary convinced him to create an album based on the Tarot.  Wegmuller decided to dedicate one track to every card in the deck.  To create the album he brought on board Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze from Ash Ra Temple as well as musicians from Wallenstein.  While Wegmuller is Swiss, this album remains an acme of Kosmische Musik.

The Cosmic Jokers are not really a band as much as they are a bunch of guys jamming at an acid party.  These recordings come from that party…seriously.

6) Ash Ra Tempel – Amboss (Klaus Schulze, Manuel Göttsching, and Hartmut Enke)
7) Walter Wegmuller – Der Wagen (Featuring Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze from Ash Ra Temple as well as musicians from Wallenstein)
8) Cosmic Jokers – Galactic Joke (a) (Manuel Göttsching and Klaus Schulze of Ash Ra Tempel, Jurgen Dollase and Harold Grosskopf of Wallenstein)
9) Klaus Schulze – Comphära
10) Tangerine Dream – Ashes To Ashes  (Edgar Froese, Conrad Schnitzler, and Klaus Schulze)
11) Conrad Schlitzner – Krautrock
12) Kluster - Klopfzeichen, Part Two (Dieter Moebius, Conrad Schnitzler and Hans-Joachim Roedelius.  Engineered by Konrad Plank)

Konrad “Conny” Plank might be the single greatest piece to the six degrees game of Kosmische Musik. While performing in countless bands including Guru Guru, Cluster, Mobius and Plank and others, he engineered or produced EVERYTHING.  Plank began his career as soundman for Marlene Dietrich became one of the most important figures of experimental music.  One of the very first albums he worked on as an engineer was for a band called Organisation.  The album was called “Tone Float”.  Organisation’s lineup included Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter…Kraftwerk.  Other bands/albums he worked on include Ash Ra Tempel, Cluster 71, Kraftwerk 1 (With Michael Rotter and Klaus Dinger) all Kraftwerk records (ending with Autobahn in 1974), Neu!, Brian Eno’s Before and After Science and Music For Airports, Devo: Q: are we not Men? A: We Are Devo.  He produced The Eurythmics’s “In The Garden” and Killing Joke’s “Revelations”.  He crosses paths with Schnitzler as engineer on Klopfzeichen, from which we just heard Klopfzeichen part II.

Konrad Plank was idolized (and befriended) by Brian Eno.  He and Eno worked together throughout the Berlin Period.  Listening to his work, it becomes clear just how much influence Plank had over Eno.  When albums such as LCD Soundsystem’s “Sound of Silver” are attributed (often by me) as love letters to Brian Eno, one can not understate what a testament to Conny Plank that statement is.  Funny aside: Eno's tried to convince Plank to produce U2’s "The Joshua Tree" instead of him. Shortly after meeting the band Plank refused the job saying, "I cannot work with this singer".

12) Organisation (1969) – Milk Rock (Florian Schneider and Ralf Hutter Engineered by Konrad Plank)
13) Kraftwerk – Ruckzuck  (Florian Schneider, Ralf Hutter, Klaus Dinger, Michael Rother.  Engineered by Plank)

After the first Kraftwerk album Klaus Dinger (along with his brother Thomas) and Michael Rother split from the group and formed Neu! Neu! Was highly influential, especially for the use of repetitive 4/4 drum beats later termed “Motorik”, a defining feature of Kosmische Musik.  The band Negativeland is named after the Neu! song of the same name and John Lydon cites the song Hero (playing next) as a major influence on PIL, a fact that becomes evident immediately upon listening to the track.

14) Neu! – Hero  (Dinger, Rother.  Produced by Plank)
15) Faust –Jennifer (Faust toured with Guru Guru bassist Uli Trepte who had also played with Neu!)
16) Guru Guru – Woman Drum  (Konrad Plank (band member), Bruno Schaab (who took over bass duties from Uli Trepte on this record) Zodiak Club founder and Cluster member Roedelius was also an on and off member of this band)
17) Night Sun – Crazy Woman  (Bruno Schaab from Guru Guru produced by Plank)

The album Material by Mobius and Plank is basically the father of Techno music.  The extent of the influence of this pairing is impossible to overstate.

18) Mobius and Plank – Tollkuhn (Mobius from Cluster and Plank from EVERYTHING)
19) Cluster – Fur Die Katz (Mobius and Roedelius.  Produced by Plank)
20) Harmonia – Deluxe (Dieter Moebius, Michael Rother, Hans-Joachim Roedelius.  Engineered/Produced by Konrad Plank)  (Eno joined the band after this album)

The next two songs are notable less in the musicians they have, but the separations that they represent.  While Harmonia contained Neu! Guitarist Michael Rother, La Düsseldorf finds his partners Klaus and Thomas Dinger without him.  Finally, The album Trans-Europe Express, while one of the most important albums of the genre is notable for the absence of Conny Plank.  The band and producer last collaborated on 1974’s Autobahn.  Two albums and three years later Kraftwerk released this record, which was later sampled by Afrika Bambaataa for Planet Rock and thereby eternally connected Kosmische Musik with Hip Hop.

21) La Düsseldorf  - Düsseldorf 
22) Kraftwerk - Franz Schubert

Thus ends the narrative section of the show.  For the last 45 minutes I'm going to return to actually being a DJ and just play German tracks that sound good next to each other.  Send in your requests.  Hope you liked the show! 

23) Can - Mushroom +
Request By Cody
24) Amon Duul II - Deutch Nepal
25) Walter Wegmuller - Der Narr
26) Night Sun - Nighmare
27) Jah Wobble and Holger Czukay - How Much Are They
28) Neu! - Hallogallo
29) Guru Guru - Der LSD Marsch (This is the song that Japanese Psych-rock band LSD March got its name from (click here for link to my Japrock Episode Blog))
30) Cluster - Holywood +
Request By Danny Gabai
31) Harmonia - Monza (Rauf Und Runter)

Wednesday's Show Is Going To Be The Best Yet


Image:  Holger Czukay (Can) and Konrad "Conny" Plank

This weekend has been the best in a long time.  I decided to take a full day to put together a show on one of my favorite subjects:  German Rock...or as the British press derided it, "Krautrock".  To make it even harder I am going to connect each song to the next by shared musicians or engineer and in so doing (hopefully) paint a decent picture of the story of a movement that forever changed the musical aesthetics of everything that followed from Rock to Hip Hop to Techno.

In case you can't tell, I'm really excited about this one!


Animals and Manimals: with Manymal Vinyl's Paul Beahan and The Polyamorous Affair

The Polyamorous Affair - Like Animal

Postscript:  Here is the audio of the interview segments with Paul Manimal and The Polyamorous affair (which is one band as well as one man whose name I have taken liberties with, but the combination sounds like the best band name ever!)

Introducing Polyamorous Affair

Talking about Manson, Kenneth Anger and Disney

Upcoming Events, Hells Angels, Bolshevik Disco

Charles (RIP) and Eddie, Faith No More, Two Live Crew and TomTom Club

Today's theme is Animals and Manimals.  My guests are Manimal Vinyl founder Paul Beahman  It will be
an aural exploration of worldly species, cryptozoology, and
EuroDiscoElectroGlam (I think I just invented cryptomusicology). 

There's only one way to kick off a show like this: 8 Songs by 8 bands with "Wolf" in their name.

Wolf and Cub - Kingdom
Wolf Parade - I'll Believe In Anything
Aids Wolf - M.T.I.
Wolf Eyes - Dead In A Boat
Guitar Wolf - Planet of The Wolves
Wolf Mother - Mind's Eye
Wolfgang - Angel Eyes
Patrick Wolf - Damaris

Okay, enough warm up.  Here is the Animals set
Devendra Banhart - Hey Mama Wolf
Dirty Projectors - Two Doves
Deerhoof - This Magnificent Bird Will Rise
Mika Miko - With My Ducks
Captain beefheart - Ant Man Bee
AU - Are Animals
Islands - Swans (Life After Death)
Talking Heads - Animals
Quinn Walker - Lion Land
Pink Floyd - Sheep
Daniel Johnston - Like A Monkey At The Zoo
Echo And The Bunnymen - Monkeys
13th Floor Elevators – Monkey Island
Pixies - Monkey Gone To Heaven
Rolling Stones - Monkey Man
Toots And The Maytals - Monkey Man
The Stranglers - The Raven +
Request By Chris
David Bowie - Diamond Dogs +
Request By Ana
The Stooges - I Wanna Be Your Dog
999 - Wolf
The Polyamorous Affair - Babayaga
Antony and The Johnsons - Bird Gehrl
Featherbeard - Whale Song ++
Ariel Pink - Howling at The Moon ++
The Polyamorous Affair - Like Animals (Special Audio from YouTube)
Link Wray - Run Chicken Run
The Nighthawks - Chicken Grabber
Charles Manson - Look At Your Game Girl +++
Holy Modal Rounders - If You Wanna Be A Bird
Ramsey Lewis - Blues For The Night Owl ++
Glass Candy - The Chameleon++
The Polyamorous Affair - Eastern
Gangi - Animals
Serge Gainsbourg and Jane Birkin - Orang Outang
Lou Reed - Last Great American Whale
Brian Eno - Needle in The Camels Eye
The Unicorns - I Was Born (A Unicorn)
Rainbow Arabia - Kabukimono +++
Jimmy Hendrix - 1983...(A Merman I Should Turn To Be) ++
Next Door Neighbors - The Werewolf Song
Pram - Track of the Cat (Now Playing)

+ Request

++ Pick by Polyamorous Affair

+++ Pick By Paul Beahan