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Too much coffee!!! Playlist 4/29/09

Early Sasha Baron Cohen video as part of a Levi's campaign from about 8 years ago. Click here for Super Greg's website, you won't be disappointed!

Hey everyone.  Here is my playlist from today's show.  I don't have too much to talk about, even though I am completely wired on the fake coffee that allows me to stay conscious starting at 4:30 am.  I would write things as I think them, but instead I find myself saying them out-loud to anyone near me who will listen until they stare at me like a dog being shown a card trick and then slowly back away.  For example, "I want to write a comedy sketch about lawyers preparing a wrongful death suit against Willie Wonka"'s thoughts like these that kept me out of the ivy leagues. 

Oh, my set of songs that are frequently sampled in Hip Hop seemed to go over like hotcakes, so I'll tell you where you have heard some of the samples:

Liquid Liquid's "Cavern" was the primary sample in Grandmaster Flash's "White Lines".  Liquid Liquid's label, 99 Records eventually went bust trying to sue for royalties (which they never received) for use of this sample as well as ESG's UFO (which I played later).  99 records tells the story best here

The Mohawks' "The Champ" is one of the most widely sampled songs and also inspired the "duh duh duh" section of Onyx's opus, "Slam".  Cold Cut also used it in their seminal "More Beats and Pieces".  Other people to use it include Slick Rick, De La Soul, Hammer, DJ Shadow, KRS-One etc.

Bob James' "Take Me To Mardi Gras" is another omnipresent sample.  Probably best known from either" Hold it Now" by the Beastie Boys, "Rock The Bells" by LL Cool J or Run DMC's "Peter Piper".  It is friggin' everywhere; even Massive Attack sampled this one!  Credit is due to Jason Smith and his blog (click here) for revealing this gem in its original form.

Edwin Birdsong's "Cola Bottle Baby" is immediately recognized as Daft Punk's "Harder Better Faster Stronger" and then again as some unlistenable piece of shit by Kanye West.  Dustin Sussman turned me on to this one.

Freddie Scott's "You Got What I Need" is by no means new to this show, but here we are again.  Thank you Biz Markie for making this famous on Just A Friend!

As mentioned earlier ESG's UFO is everywhere from "Sure Shot" by the Beastie Boys to "Night of the Living Baseheads" by Public Enemy.  Often it was sped up from 33 1/3 to 45 when sampled, but there you have it.

Finally:  one of the samples that started it all, "Trans Euro Express" by Kraftwerk dropped krautrock to the South Bronx at the very start of hip hop.  That's why today if you fall asleep on the 5 train and wake up in the middle of the night alone and far from home l have to do is start talking about Florian and no one will fuck with you.  Seriously, try it.  This sample is most famous as "Planet Rock" by Afrika Bambaataa, who's name uses so many a's I think he might be partly Scandanavian...wait...he's definitely not.


Okay, now I'll just jump to the setlist. 

Barr - Complete Consumption of Us Both
Fuck Buttons - Bright Tomorrow
Dungen - Satt Att Se
The Coat Hangers - Time Passing *
Dsico - 70s Classic Hits
!!! - Take Ecstacy With Me
Tarentel - Geneva, Switzerland (track 6) *
Jackie-O Motherfucker - Hey! Mr. Sky
Earth - Rise To Glory
A Tribe Called Quest - Verses From The Abstract +
Hi Red Center - Littlest Giant *
Handglops - The First Party *
Swan Lake - Spanish Gold 2044 *
Sunset Rubdown - Stadiums and Shrines II
Big Whup - Yaaaay! *
Chain and the Gang - Chain Gang Theme *
Aphex Twin - Taking Control
Squarepusher - F-Train
Micachu - Eat Your Heart *
Liquid Liquid - Cavern
The Mohawks - The Champ
Bob James - Take Me To Mardi Gras
Edwin Birdsong - Cola Bottle Baby
Freddie Scott - You Got What I Need
Breakwater - Release The Beast
Kraftwerk - Trans Europe Express
Child Bite - Never-Ending Mountain Slammer
Kittens For Christian - Under The Covers
Wavves - So Bored *
Au - Are Animals
Pretty Things - Mr. Evasion (Credit must be given to Danny Gabai for turning me onto this track!!!)
Love - Seven & Seven Is
Death - Rock
The Sonics - Strychnine
Dan Deacon - Build Voice *
Black Dice - Earings Plus Interest *
New Order - Procession
Belle and Sebastian - Electronic Renaissance
The Nextdoor Neighbors - Greener *
David Byrne with Brian Eno - Wanted For Life
The Muslims (Now Called Soft Pack) - Walking With Jesus *
Apples In Stereo - Shine In Your Mind
The Olivia Tremor Control - Memories of Jacqueline 1906
A Certain Ratio - Do the Du (Peel Session version)
Fellini - Rock Europeu
Jacques Brel - Jef
Adanowsky - Estoy Mal (Now Playing)

* New Add
+ Request

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